Police vehicle with Imagery of the American flag in Laguna Beach, CAThe local police department in Laguna Beach, CA recently updated the design featured on their patrol cars, which has surprisingly been met with resistance from the local artists’ community. The decision was made to repaint a group of cars in their fleet with imagery of the American flag running through the lettering on the doors of their cars.

After the cars were painted, members of the artists’ community in Laguna Beach claimed that the design feels threatening, intimidating, and aggressive. People have even said they feel like it comes across as a symbol of racism for the flag to appear on police cars.

While these ridiculous complaints have arisen, the new design and aesthetic also received tremendous support from patriotic Americans across the country. It is shocking that people are somehow claiming that picturing the American flag on a police car is hurting the feelings of immigrants and visitors, when the flag stands for the very freedoms that draw people to the United States in the first place.

The issue has grown from a simple dispute over imagery to a debate about what the flag means and stands for, but to true Americans it is very easy to see what the flag stands for. The flag of the United States of America stands for the blood of countless brave men and women who have given everything to defend freedom in America from all enemies, both foreign and domestic. It stands for brotherhood and it stands for freedom, the very freedom that our police are protecting.

People have to remember that it is the flag of the United States of America. It is not a Republican flag. It is not a Democratic flag. It is the American flag and it is our flag. We can never lose sight of that as Americans. The flag stands for the very freedom and equality that police officers around the country serve to protect day in and day out. As a result a police vehicle with imagery of the American flag should be recognized as an ultimate American expression and nothing else.



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