For many, losing one’s sight can be crippling, affecting not only how you live your life, but how you perceive the value of it. For Major Scott Smiley, though, it was an opportunity to rise above the odds and persevere.

Smiley lost his eyesight after surviving a suicide bomber attack while serving in Iraq in 2005. Rather than surrender to the darkness, Smiley chose to continue his service to his country. To date, he is the only blind service member to continue his active duty status. He was awarded a Purple Heart and Bronze Star for his actions overseas, and he taught at West Point after earning his MBA from Duke University. He has also been awarded the MacArthur Leadership Award and the Christopher Award for his indomitable and unwavering resilience.

Today, Major Smiley continues serving his community of brothers and sisters by working with multiple veteran organizations, such as the Veterans Airlift Command, the Carrington Charitable Foundation, and more. His character is one which we should all strive to embody, one of pure patriotism, selflessness, and perseverance over any obstacles.

We salute you, Major Smiley.





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