The newest and, dare we say, most EPIC Secretary of Defense for the United States of America wasted no time making good on his promise to eliminate ISIS from the face of the Earth. Mad Dog Mattis oversaw multiple air based attacks against the Islamic State on his first day in office. This marks the beginning of the end for the truly evil organization.  

The strikes occurred in both Syria and Iraq; and utilized bombers, fighters, and drones to complete the multiple air strikes. A reported 31 successful strikes hit a wide array of targets in both countries. Car bomb factories, tanks, mortar positions, individual units, and even the ISIS “capital” of Mosul in Iraq, were on the list. That’s right: on day one, Mad Dog goes straight for the heart of these evil insurgents.

This one day of successful attacks is by no means a resounding victory over this tyrannical evil, however. ISIS has been allowed free reign for far too long and have had many opportunities to fortify positions, build underground weapons manufacturing facilities, and embed themselves among civilians. The fact that at least one weapons factory taken out was underground shows us this enemy intends to draw this conflict out as long as they can. ISIS has shown its ability to spread across the Middle East like a disease. Luckily, we have the purest, most unadulterated cure residing at the Pentagon as we speak.

Chances are that ISIS doesn’t truly understand who Mad Dog Mattis is, which is funny, considering he might as well be riding a pale horse as far as they are concerned. It truly is a breath of freedom-laden air to hear this news. Many Americans have been upset, to say the least, at the lack of action taken against these barbarians. Some believe it is shameful that we could watch these horrors take place for so long and do nothing about it. That ended on Friday the 20th of January, 2017. You had your turn ISIS, now it is America’s.



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