Colorado Springs, CO – When Prime Time sports owner Stephen Martin found out that Brandon Marshall of the Denver Broncos refused to stand for the anthem, Martin immediately cancelled the autograph signing he had previously booked for Marshall at his store. Instead, he began the creation of a memorial of monumental proportions, one which continues to grow daily and gain widespread fame.


The “Honor the Flag” wall initiative began on Facebook, where Martin shared his disdain for the disrespect of the anthem and the flag. He implored others to send photos of veterans, service members, and those injured or KIA serving our country. Martin immediately began printing these photos, which came in the hundreds, and posting them on the front window of his store in the Chapel Hills Mall.


“I respect Brandon Marshall’s freedom of expression, but I question his method of delivery. I agree that his concerns need to be addressed, but not at the expense of our flag and what it represents,” Martin says. “This store owner believes that the simple act of standing during our national anthem is a noble and responsible gesture that salutes our nation and the military that protects it. Now I want to stand up and hear the voice of the American Flag and I need your help.”

Photos continue to pour in as Americans across the country rally to Martin’s call to arms. Want to contribute to this amazing feat of patriotism?
Photos can be brought in or mailed to:
Prime Time Sports
1710 Briargate Blvd
Colorado Springs, CO 80920
Or emailed to: