Are we all equal? It’s a question that has surrounded the entire belief of American society.  It is a question fueled with cultural and even religious aspects.  The simple answer is yes.  As people, we are all equal.  No person is better than another.

Status…is something completely different.

The Hollywood elite make it their daily agenda to explain to us exactly what they believe to be wrong/right with the world.  They speak from standpoints of higher living and entitlement.  They speak from a sense that their way is simply the best way.

Don’t get me wrong, everyone is entitled to their opinion.  However, when you start viewing your opinion as the “rule book” to what the rest of us should do and should believe, that is when we ALL have a problem.

In the latest of events, Meryl Streep took it upon herself to use the public platform to project her distaste for President-Elect Donald Trump and her view to what the Hollywood stars truly offer to society.  The problem with her approach was she used it to compare herself and other Hollywood actors as “the epitome of what America is about”. Saying things like “without the arts we would have only football and MMA”.

Who is being disrespectful now?

Life is all about perspective and the reality of this situation is many Hollywood actors are simply out of touch with the average everyday American.  They have no idea what it’s like to have to work a job that doesn’t even pay your bills.  They have no idea what it’s like to tell your children you can’t have that right now because mom and dad cannot afford it.  The truth is they have forgotten what it means to be “REAL Americans”.

The biggest issue is that they feel because we as Americans go and watch their movie that they somehow put food on the table for our families and therefore we should do what they say and feel how they feel.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but speak it in a manner that is an opinion and not what you believe everyone should do.


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  1. L Bain

    So, the cast of the Broadway show “Hamilton” and Meryl Streep’s speech — and those who are of similar mind-set … insisting that theirs is the O-N-L-Y viewpoint that matters — are entitled to their Constitutionally-granted rights.

    That said, absent me breaking the law, EVERYONE else’s rights END where my rights begin, DAMMIT! Case in-point? When I pay my hard-earned $$$$ for a Broadway theater ticket &/or for cable TV, et al., I am paying to be entertained as I CHOOSE to be NOT as someone else portends, a.k.a. Hamilton’s cast, Streep, etc., choose to misconstrue as THEIR PERSONAL IRREVERENT PLATFORM to vomit-forth the should-be-kept-to-themselves-only opines on any matter.

    I abso-fricking-lutely R-E-F-U-S-E to be a captive audience to/for anyone with SELF-SERVING INTENTIONS, P-E-R-I-O-D! Were I Pence, I would have been dead-wrong politically when I stood-up and left. However, were I John/Jane Q. Dumb-public, I would have stood-up, spoken louder than the Hamilton-dude from my heart rather than from a cue-card I had to read to the VP, and stated in similar words that ‘I am offended to have paid sooooooooo much $$$$ to be egregiously and heinously exposed to their errata of allegedly ‘public opinion.’

    HAMILTON’S SHOULD HAVE BEEN A PRIVATE ONE-TO-ONE CONVERSATION rather than to expose the rest of the theatre-goers to their rant!!! Further, I’d have marched myself to mgmt/the box office and DEMANDED an immediate full-refund while drawing as much attention from the public as possible!

    Bottom-line? My Constitutional rights trump all other peoples’ rights per the U.S Constitution. In public, in this theater, I cannot press a ‘mute button’ or change to a different channel or just turn-off the danged TV! In-person, I can walk-away; if someone else makes the poor decision to ct to confront me, the consequences are on them for their very poor decisions.

    On TV, I can mute you or change to a more respectful channel. In-person, I am NOT avoiding conflict NOR confrontation — pure, plain, and simple! Trespass upon me/mine to make you individual point i/f/o an audience composed of non-similar believers, it’s your FOUL!

    There are humongous improvements between “f-e-e-l-i-n-g” a.k.a. very liberal, and “pretended knowing” — and a very educated and informed audience — so shame on you for the insane preposterous assumption that EVERYONE else shares your ‘feelings’ and other thoughts.

    May God continue to bless Pres Trump and VP Pence for their abilities to remain steadfast for the sake of ALL US Americans (horrendous hamiltons &/ stupid streeps notwithstanding!).

    God has bkessed the USA with Trump/Pence! The ignorant reactionaries be-damned.


  2. Mark

    There is no reason to pay attention to the Hollywood trash any longer. What we need to do is give our full attention to what the filth in the white is doing now. Not only is obama trying to divide our people his is trying to interfere in what the true Americans want and what we have earned. The American people have spoken now get out of the way. Obama has done nothing but committed treason lied and stolen from the American people. He should be in prison!! Hollywood can live in their fake America with their fake news. We need to pay attention to what’s really going on and remove those who are in our way. We also need to charge these people with the crimes they have committed. It is time to hold people responsible for their actions. God bless America and every True American!!!!! Thank you nine line for everything you do and stand for!!

  3. phillip cecil

    Thank you guys for saying what most people I know think and feel! You say it much better than I would! I stubble on your company about 3 years ago and Everytime I get a product or read an article you guys have created I know more and more why I stan behind what you guys and gals are doing! Thank you for being great Americans!!

  4. Paul Janovick

    as a working member of society I have learned the hard way cause I’m hard headed that those who have the money make the rules. That’s how fucked we are as a nation until that thought process changes we the few the working class are always going to foot the bill and take the fall. Thanks for your service and I will always support you vets

  5. Cindy Bailes

    Absolutely TRUTH! I could not agree with you more on this issue!!!! I’m so proud of you Graham! God bless you!❤️


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