There are a bunch of things that you might find REALLY WILL PISS YOU OFF when you leave the military and transition into civilian life. This is likely to be a recurring thing, so we’ll touch on a few things this time.

Ultimately, one of the biggest issues surrounds moving with a sense of purpose. Things like “stopping to smell the roses” and “appreciating each moment as it comes” is probably really good advice. We miss out all the time on the little things in life. That being said, if you are in someone’s way — MOVE!


Walking Down the Street

Everyone has had this happen at some point. Usually, you’re just trying to head to the store to replenish your booze supply or just trying to get a quick pack of smokes and some idiot (or combination of idiots) is walking in such a way that you can’t get around them. The idiots are taking up the sidewalk, enjoying a conversation or something stupid like that, and you get caught up right behind them.

This is what causes “roadrage while walking.” Get caught behind someone enough. You will lose your MIND…guaranteed.



Now, no grunt I’ve ever met “goes shopping” just to shop. This doesn’t happen unless the apocalypse is nigh. And whereas we might all hope this is the case (‘cause then you can use that stockpile of guns and ammo in your basement to wax zombies to your heart’s content), we aren’t quite there yet.

But still, we still need to go to Costco to freshen up your stockpile of TP or whatever, and that’s when it hits you: these people wouldn’t survive two seconds in room clearing. Ultimately, these people are so involved in their own world that they’re taking up space, sauntering around from one item to another while you’re just trying to get more TP and beer. And they just won’t GET OUT OF THE WAY! Always happens…without fail.



One of the easiest ways to become an aggressive driver is to have spent a minute or two in a combat zone. It really doesn’t matter — afterward, you will never drive the speed limit again.

This is an important point to note, as all the time and everywhere, you have complete MORONS cruising at the SPEED LIMIT in the PASSING LANE. Fortunately, some states like Georgia have passed laws that make this a ticketable offense, even if those passing are themselves violating the speed limit. You don’t get to be a jackass and hold people back behind you just to feel superior.

The short version is basically, “if someone’s behind you and you are just calming going on your merry way, GET OUT OF OTHER PEOPLE’S WAY.”

It all boils down to “move with a sense of purpose.” Don’t screw others over. Be self-aware. And hope that veteran isn’t packing. Haha — just kidding…sort of…


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