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It’s not every day you see an 11-year-old girl attending a state legislative hearing.

And it’s really not every day that girl is also toting a loaded AR-15.

But we’re talking about Idaho, so then again, maybe it is.


Yesterday, Bailey Nielsen accompanied her grandfather, Charles Nielson, as he testified before a House panel at the Idaho Statehouse.

The elder Nielson is supporting legislation that would allow visitors, who can legally possess firearms in other states, to carry a concealed handgun within city limits.

Currently, Idaho law allows residents age 18 and older to carry a concealed handgun within city limits without a permit or additional training, as a result of a new law passed last summer.

The proposed legislation would extend that to any legal resident of the United States or a U.S. armed services member and is intended to clear up confusion about state gun laws.

So what exactly does that have to do with 11-year-olds openly carrying Ar-15s?

Charlie Nielsen wanted to prove a point about gun safety.

With his armed granddaughter by his side, Nielsen said Bailey is carrying a loaded AR-15. People live in fear, terrified of that which they do not understand. She’s been shooting since she was 5 years old. She got her first deer with this weapon at 9. She carries it responsibly. She knows how not to put her finger on the trigger. We live in fear in a society that is fed fear on a daily basis.”

He said Bailey was an example of someone who could responsibly handle a gun, just like many visitors to Idaho from other states.

“When they come to Idaho, they should be able to carry concealed, because they carry responsibly,” he said. “They’re law-abiding citizens. It’s the criminal we have to worry about.”

The legislation is being proposed by Republican Rep. Christy Zito who understands firsthand the importance of “the right to bear arms.”

“I stand here before you today as a mother and grandmother who has had to use a firearm to defend their child,” Zito said. She said two men once approached her vehicle with her daughter inside.

“Even though I didn’t have to pull the trigger, just the fact that they could see it, and they knew that I had it, was the determining factor,” Zito said.


Now you may be wondering what current Idaho law says about 11-year-olds owning and carrying firearms.

Well, Section 18-3302A regarding Sale of Weapons to Minors reads:

It is unlawful for any person under the age of eighteen (18) years to possess or have in possession any weapon, as defined in Idaho Code, unless he or she:

1. Has the written permission of his or her parent or guardian to possess the weapon; or
2. Is accompanied by his or her parent or guardian while he or she has the weapon in his possession.

So Gramps made his point, and so did Bailey. You go girl!


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    It’s really very complex in this full of activity life to listen news on Television, so I simply
    use world wide web for that purpose, and get the latest news.

  2. Craig Sheffield

    My dad (a United States Air Force Security Service Veteran, and also a Military sniper) taught me to shoot my first firearm when I was 7, only when I was heavily schooled by him on how to fire it safely. In my teens I was almost able to shoot as accurately as him, and if I missed one safety point, a slap on the back of the head, and my guns were locked up for as long as he decided.

  3. Clay

    The man made his point. If they do not listen or understand, I would not be surprised. I’m going to continue my concealed carry everyday regardless of this section over another section over another section. Ridiculous. Left, Right, whatever President we get next, they cannot regulate this. If my family, or myself, is ever in direct danger, the g27 will be utilized. They keep trying to regulate this. They should be asked what they are going to do when the threat is on them…

  4. Brian

    I love that the Democrats savior Ruth Bader Ginsburg even said making people get a FOID card is unconstitutional because you can’t tax or fine or do anything to essentially make money to allow people to utilize the rights ridiculous you scared little children if probably never carried a weapon in their life I bet that girl could shoot a lot better than many adults who are against any kind of weapon she’s the kind of responsible person we need because the criminal doesn’t fear the court or the police so the only person he has the victim so we need to train everybody so criminals fear the victims what they think that aren’t going to blow them away if they need to to defend themselves

  5. Ryan

    Kinda annoying though because hisnhas nothing to do with people carrying fork other states he just wants to show off his daughter like she’s special or something sorry I like it but he’s trying to hard

    • PJ

      If you read the article you’d know it’s his granddaughter. And he was proving a point that responsible ppl should be allowed carry in Idaho from other states. It was within the law for his granddaughter to carry a loaded weapon with him so I don’t see the problem. I think it’s a great idea! I believe we should have open carry all over this unique n magnificent country!

    • Jay

      Also, annoying that you clearly didn’t read the article but felt the need to post a comment.

    • Anthony Petch

      It is nice to know that he is trying and I don’t think he is being to hard!


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