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Oh my. It sure would be a shame if Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez doesn’t get re-elected in November, because we’d sure miss her commentary.

Yesterday about 22,000 people attended a pro-Second Amendment rally in Richmond, VA. Some 6,000 entered the secure perimeter of the Capitol Square where weapons were not allowed, and another 16,000 or so gathered behind the fenced-off perimeter.

Many of those outside could be seen openly carrying their firearms to protest new gun laws being discussed by the Virginia state legislature. Some were carrying Gadsden or (GASP) Confederate flags.

There were rumors and fears the protest would become a violent showcase for white nationalists.

It did not.

There was no heavily armed police presence yesterday. There was no violent confrontation. AOC blames it on RACISM.


In an interview posted on social media, AOC contrasted the gun rights march in Richmond with protests against Eric Garner’s killing.

“When we go out and march for the dignity and the recognition of the lives of people like Freddie Gray and Eric Garner the whole place is surrounded by police in riot gear without a gun in sight,” she opined.

“And here are all of these people flying Confederate flags with semiautomatic weapons and there’s almost no police officers at that protest,” she continued.

Well ma’am, no windows were broken. No storefronts were torched. No rocks were thrown. No cars were rolled. There was no violence at all.

Instead, protestors chanted “We will not comply;” sang the national anthem; and recited the pledge of allegiance.

In a final act of racist outrage, protestors were seen picking up trash as they left the protest.


In the end, only one person was arrested for wearing a mask.

According to the Washington Post, 21-year-old Mikaela E. Beschler, of Richmond was charged with one felony count of wearing a mask in public.

Police said an officer saw Beschler three times with a bandanna covering her face, and had warned her twice to adjust the bandanna.


The 1950s-era law — aimed at unmasking the Ku Klux Klan in Virginia — makes it illegal for anyone over the age of 16 to conceal their face, and therefore their identity, in public. The felony carries a maximum of five years in prison, per the Washington Examiner.

Now in fairness to Ms. Beschler, she wasn’t the only one covering her face in the chilly weather, which was in the 20’s and 30’s all day. It’s unknown at this time why she was arrested and others were not.

No doubt it was for some racist, sexist or homophobic reason, right AOC?



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17 Responses

  1. Dean Hanson

    Hard working Americans well give up there Arms so low life crooks can have Guns and Rob them !

  2. Cyndi

    Wow! They should have that mask law in Portland, Oregon to unmask all those Antifa idiots!

  3. Bama

    Well that’s nice. Gutter punk politicians and journobots are now perfectly comfortable saying all firearm owners are racist Nazi domestic terrorists. Doesn’t even raise an eyebrow when Pantyfa gangs up on teenagers and the elderly to confiscate whatever clothing they’ve deemed unacceptable, but gun owners gather to speak out against an unconstitutional law, there’s not a bit of trouble, and they leave the area cleaner than they found it? Well they just need to go to jail for what you fantasize they must be thinking. And oh what the hell, go ahead and list being white as one of the infractions. It’s there, might as well use it.

    It’s absolutely hysterical to read how aghast you are that we’d take issue with an action pushed by a “democratically elected official”. Y’know, what with your three year and counting temper tantrum and all. You got over those pictures of Governor Klanhood alongside one of his Flunky Bunch in black face mighty quick though. Must be that fair mindedness you’re always bragging about. No, wait… you found out about the pictures AFTER you learned he’s cool with banning things he doesn’t like or understand. Hey, it’s all about who they hate most recently, amirite? What’s a little Klan robe as long as he’s punishing people for not breaking the law. The enemy of your enemy is your friend.

    Hope he knows that only applies if he never steps out of line. He might want to ask Alan Dershowitz about that. Over 50 years a liberal darling until he dared to work against something he believes is wrong. Those dang ol’ leading authorities in their field. Sometimes they just don’t know their place.

  4. Chad

    FUCK A.O.C.
    She has to be the dumbest bitch in Congress.
    This is why there needs to be term limits.
    Let the pelosi’s, aoc’s, schif’s, and others serve their 4 years then kick them the fuck out.


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