America may not be officially at war right now, but we are certainly fighting major battles, across the nation.

We are in a battle against the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

We are in a battle to preserve our livelihoods and find new ways of providing goods and services amidst lockdowns, shutdowns, and restrictions.

We are in a battle to save traditional American patriotic values and preserve our American way of life.

One way or the other, Nine Line is deployed on the front lines of all these battles every single day.

This week, a fellow warrior visited our HQ in Savannah, GA.

Rep. Doug Collins (GA-9) is currently running for the U.S. Senate. From the halls of Congress to the sands of Iraq, Doug knows how battle takes many forms.

As a U.S. Air Force Reserve chaplain, Doug has ministered to the U.S. military since 2002. He completed a 2008-2009 deployment to Iraq while stationed at Balad Air Force Base. As a Lieutenant Colonel, Doug remains active in the Air Force Reserve.

Collins talked with Nine Line CEO Tyler Merritt about the challenges our nation faces in beating this pandemic, restoring the health and well-being of American citizens, and ensuring the constitutional foundations of this nation remain solid.

We’ve been here before. The “Spanish Flu” pandemic claimed an estimated 675,000 lives in the United States from 1918-1919. On top of that, we were fighting World War I at the same time.

But we got through it. And we’ll get through this too. Because we know how to solve problems, quickly, under dangerous conditions

In the military, when a medical evacuation (MEDEVAC) is required, a specific format of nine categories (or lines) of information is conveyed. The use of the “9-line” organizational method, particularly in a high stress, quickly changing combat environment, helps ensure those wounded get the assistance they need as quickly, safely, and efficiently as possible.

As a company from the very start, we’ve wanted to be a “Nine Line” for America. So, we immediately got to work figuring out an economical personal protective mask for Americans, made in America.

“No one wanted the spend the money that it cost to make some of these newer masks. But we made it happen,” said Tyler Merritt, about the company’s mask initiatives, “Now they’re much less expensive and we can make them here in the United States and we can do it faster and better than anything that can be done in China. We don’t need to rely on overseas manufacturing. We are America. We can do this.”

We started with low-cost, washable masks made of apparel fabric. Then we worked with a team of designers, engineers, and manufacturers to develop a viable, reusable, medical-grade protective mask for the millions of first responders, nurses, and doctors on the front line battle against the Covid-19 epidemic.

Our American Made Personal Protective (AMPP) mask uses economical, changeable filters made of a material with a 99 percent efficiency for filtration. We’ve been racing against time to develop the mask, get it FDA-approved, and figure out how to scale up production here in the U.S.

At Nine Line, we believe there’s nothing we Americans can’t fix or overcome. After all our ingenuity, determination and grit have built the greatest nation on the planet.

You may not like wearing a mask. You may not like the government telling you to wear a mask. But if you have to wear one, you sure as hell ought to be supporting your fellow Americans with an American-made mask.

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