In 2014, classic car aficionado Vince Gibson had just finished restoring a super cool 1969 El Camino. He had driven it to a local shopping center, and as any classic car owner knows, folks always want to talk about it.

When Vince came back to his car after shopping, he wasn’t surprised to find a young man giving it a good look.

What was surprising was the young man had lost both legs in an IED explosion in Afghanistan, and was in a wheelchair.

He and Vince talked about his experience in the military and life in general.

As the two men shook hands and said goodbye, the young man wistfully remarked, “Boy, I wish I could have a cool old car like that.”

As he drove off, Vince thought “why couldn’t he?”

Vince’s mental gears started cranking about how they could rig up hand controls, a chair lift and whatever else was needed to get that hero rolling in a hot rod.

And so American Warrior Garage was born.

Vince filed incorporation papers, formed a board of directors and submitted the application for a 501 (c) (3) exemption. He and his team rented a small 1200 square foot shop, but his only stipulation was everyone involved in the initiate should be military veterans.

While Vince’s original vision was to helping injured vets get back to driving, the American Warrior Garage quickly morphed into helping vets learn new skills in automotive technology, welding and metal fabrication, automotive electrics and all the basics of automotive restoration and maintenance.

American Warrior Garage also provides scholarships to trade schools like WyoTech or Lincoln Tech so candidates can pursue careers in automotive technology, motorcycle or marine mechanics.

In addition, American Warrior Garage offer service facilities for vets who want to perform general maintenance on their own vehicles but don’t have the means since their injuries.

And civilians living near American Warrior Garage in Bremen, GA can get routine maintenance on heating and air conditioning, fuel injection, brakes, shocks, transmissions, electrical, suspension, and steering, powder coating, “resto-mod,” welding and fabrication, and classic car restoration.

Of course, if you don’t live anywhere near Bremen, GA, you can donate your old car or your new dollars to support the efforts of the American Warrior Garage. And Nine Line is proud to partner with American Warrior Garage on a limited-edition t-shirt design, with the proceeds going to help support American Warrior Garage.

Help us help heroes, one hot rod at a time.


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  1. Reynaldo Farinas

    I’m a retired army veteran, I am a son of a veteran and a father of four boys. My first born served in the Navy and past away three years ago. My other 3 are currently serving, two in the Army and the other in the Air Force. I love what you all do and hope that it will help lots of veterans!

  2. Chris

    A lot of people talk and never do what they say. Well American vets don’t talk they just do. Weather it’s outside the wire and seems impossible or just help someone change a flat because you can bend over to do it. Especially Marines no disrespect to any vet lol,
    Love Nine Line, love seeing real vets wear the products and having to explain to a person who has a nine line shirt on , what nine line means, keep up being amazing company.
    Love your stuff , my 2 bulldogs and Gf do as well.

    • Chris

      Can’t bend over* any other vets* sorry I’m a horrible texter.
      God bless and stay safe. I’m

  3. Lee McConnell

    Been supporting Nine Line for years (Probably own a couple dozen Tees, etc). When I saw this AWG support shirt, I ordered TWO. I have friends that were in both Desert Storm and Afganistan. Love our American heroes and want to support them in any way that I can.

  4. Randy Oliphant

    21 years in the military. Proud son of a grunt; proud grunt; proud father of a grunt!
    Thank you for what you do!

  5. Gary lanyi

    Great what you do for veterans hats off to you guys keep up the great work supporting veterans. Retired A.F. Vet. Aim High!!

  6. Joseph P Colarusso

    Such a great American Patriot cause… Standing for our flag and taking care of our American Vets should be top priorities in this time of turmoil… God Bless Nine-Line and the American Warrior garage!!

  7. Brian End

    Fantastic program! Salute and appreciate all those who serve. Will at least get some t-shirts to support the cause. Thank God for our veterans!!!

  8. Thomas Cooney

    Awesome article! As a 26 year veteran/retired of the Marine Corps, I think this is outstanding! My hats off to the folks at American Warrior Garage! Semper Fi!


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