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Poor Colin Kaepernick!! He just wants to be LOVED. By someone. ANYone.

He hasn’t played a game since 2016, but it appears the NFL might kinda, sorta be interested in having him back. After all, think of the ratings!!

In fact, just this past week, the AP reports the exiled former Pro Bowl quarterback posted on Twitter: “I’m just getting word from my representatives that the NFL league office reached out to them about a workout in Atlanta on Saturday. I’ve been in shape and ready for this for 3 years, can’t wait to see the head coaches and GMs on Saturday.”


The NFL hasn’t confirmed Kaepernick’s workout details.



ESPN reports 11 teams have committed to attend: the Arizona Cardinals, Atlanta Falcons, Cleveland Browns, Denver Broncos, Detroit Lions, Miami Dolphins, New England Patriots, New York Giants, New York Jets, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Washington Redskins.


Miami Dolphins center and captain Daniel Kilgore, who played with Kaepernick in San Francisco was enthusiastic about Kaepernick’s prospects, according to the Sun-Sentinel.

“I think if the league is the one who [arranged the workout], I hope there is a fair chance. I think he’d show up regardless,” Kilgore said of Kaepernick.

“He’s a competitor and he wants to compete. Somebody is going to give him a chance. Too many people out there have seen what he’s done in the past. Yeah, he’s older now. But he hasn’t taken a lot of hits in a while. His legs should be fresh.

“We’ll see. We’ll see how he does.”


Not everyone is so positive about the workout.

Carolina Panthers safety Eric Reid, who was the first player to join Kaepernick in taking a knee during the anthem while both were with the 49ers, said Wednesday that “it feels disingenuous” that the NFL would schedule a workout for the quarterback on Saturday.

“I’ll believe it when I see it,” Reid said Wednesday. “At this point, it feels like a PR stunt.”




Well, already at least one betting site has released odds on which team will be most likely to “snap up Kap.”

According to, teams in the AFC North are the most likely to pick him up – specifically the Cincinnati Bengals, at least according to these odds. Pats and Cowboys, least likely. Oddly, even the Niners are still on the list.

New England Patriots +5000
Dallas Cowboys +5000
Philadelphia Eagles +3300
Cleveland Browns +2500
Los Angeles Rams +2000
Indianapolis Colts +2000
San Francisco 49ers +1600
Arizona Cardinals +1500
Chicago Bears +1200
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +1200
Houston Texans +1000
Carolina Panthers +800
Buffalo Bills +700
Baltimore Ravens +600
Pittsburgh Steelers +400
Cincinnati Bengals +350


Well Colin, go get ‘em TIGER.



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