Nine Line’s poll on support for police yields shock results, but not why you think

Since Nine Line was born, from day one, we have always supported law enforcement. It is one of our core tenets as a company: to “support those who have and continue to serve honorably as members of the military, police, fire department, or any other public service.”

As part of that same tenet, we pledge to “hold those who abuse their power accountable but understand they do not represent the entirety of those who serve to protect us.”

As much as we support the Second Amendment, we also support the First.

We respect the right of people to disagree with us. We can agree to disagree on certain issues. We are unabashed about our patriotism and support for this country, and never back away from defending American principles.

We will never shy away from addressing difficult issues because they need to be discussed out in the open. That’s how change is brought about.

In the spirit of discourse today, we posted a poll on our Facebook page about whether or not American’s supported the officers of the Thin Blue Line. Of course, our answer is 100 percent yes. Always has, always will be.

For the first hour the poll appeared, responses were exactly as we would have expected for our audience: those who agreed with us were in the majority.

But then during the second hour, the results flipped. Those who voted “mmm no,” they did not support LEO, became the majority.

Were these real followers of Nine Line’s page? Or simply trolls who saw an opportunity to bash the police? On Facebook, there’s no way to know.

But then an equally disturbing result emerged.

Our own audience began attacking Nine Line for having the nerve to even post this poll and invite people to provide an opinion contrary to theirs. We were taken aback.

We will NEVER sidestep controversial discussions, but when the conversation we’re facilitating is no longer productive and crosses the line from free speech to hate, we will put a stop to it and address this issue.

For that reason, we took down the poll. Enough is enough.

But we felt it was important to let you know why, and make sure it’s clear how we feel. Just as we cannot control who buys our merchandise, we cannot control what’s in people’s minds.

We stand firm in our support for all those who honorably serve. And that will never, ever change.

30 Responses

  1. Tom Paine

    You know how when people say “I support the second amendment, but…” they next thing they say proves they don’t support the second amendment?

    Here’s you:
    “Our own audience began attacking Nine Line for having the nerve to even post this poll and invite people to provide an opinion contrary to theirs. We were taken aback. We will NEVER sidestep controversial discussions, but…”

    So, by your actions, clearly you will sidestep political discussions if people provide contrary opinions. Don’t pretend otherwise, we’ve all seen this before.

  2. Batman

    I don’t even understand why this poll was even necessary in the first place if y’all are so supportive of LEO. Less talk more action. I think doing the poll and deleting it was a mistake. Also there isn’t much clothing for firefighters present or retired.

  3. Rhett E. Boogie

    Maybe ask yourselves why the poll got flipped on its head? Innocent people are gunned down for crimes that have no victim every day. All gun laws are infringements, yet you support the guys who are enforcing those unconstitutional laws? What exactly did you swear an oath to? It definitely wasn’t the constitution, cause if it was y’all would’ve marched on DC and state capitals long ago. While you guys are free to remain in your ever lasting, government power expanding, echo chamber, I’ll gladly stop buying your products for your blind support of the enforcement arm of the government. I’m a firefighter and I’ll gladly call it how I see it. When there’s bad firefighters, they collectively get dumped on by other firefighters, when there’s bad cops? 99% of cops stay silent.

  4. Murray Rothbard

    Its not about a few “bad apples”. ALL cops enforce victimless laws, ALL cops are revenue generators for the government, ALL cops are tyrants

  5. Rhett E. Boogie

    How did you think this would go any other way. LE do nothing but trample citizens’ rights , steal their money to line the coffers of corrupt politicians, and sit outside schools and do nothing while children are being slaughtered.

  6. Ruby Waco

    As long as police, military, and other public servants uphold their oaths to defend the constitution, they are necessary components to the preservation and defense of liberty. Once they enforce laws that violate the natural rights of the people as well as the constitutional rights they’ve sworn to protect, they are no longer patriots or members of “the thin blue line”. They become oath breaking tyrants and must be treated as such. It is the duty of the citizen to overthrow the government if it become tyrannical and while it may start behind a desk with a power and money hungry politician, it’s enforced by a badge and gun. Hopefully we will the law enforcement become peace officers Insuring public safety and peace again instead of a militarized revenue collection service for Big G. Exhaust all peaceful options, fellow patriots.

  7. Orson

    CIVIL DISCOURSE is the bedrock of our democracy. We are all different and will hold slightly different ideas. Disagreements are going to happenbut when these disagreement degenerate into name calling and in-civil discourse nothing is ever solved. I think the poll had perhaps run its course. There are plenty of sites to call each other names and denigrate each other. This doesn’t have to be one of them.

    • Carl Gustav

      There’s no civil discourse with the police. They get their way, or they kill you.

  8. Voice of Reason

    You can’t preach about the first amendment when you delete a poll expressing opinions that you started just because it goes against company mantra.

    You don’t have to agree with the audience, but when you delete that instead of making your stance known and letting the chips fall where they may, you basically admit defeat.

  9. Juan

    So in other words, you support free speech and freedom of expression as long as it agrees with your train of thought?
    Sounds to me like you’re suppressing everyone’s freedom of speech and expression.

  10. An Cap

    If cops had any integrity than Lon Horiuchi and Philip Brailsford and others like them would be in prison or dead, not collecting police pensions

    • Jay

      All in the trash, like 9 line should be. We blow thy crown sir. 9 lineis military, police is the standing army we swore to defend the population from. Learn history.

  11. Carl Gustav

    It was the most productive discussion I’ve seen on your page. An opinion that’s different from yours isn’t hate speech, is just speech that you hate.

  12. Peter McHaney

    Hate speech is right in the middle of free speech. There is no line. You’re a private company and can censor what you want; but don’t pretend that it’s not censorship. Let’s have some intellectual integrity.

    • Liberty Or Death Used to Mean Something

      Free speech for thee but not for me…. sounds awful redcoatish….

  13. Rhettie Tu Boogie

    But my guy; Hate speech is free speech. As Justice Alito wrote in the Matel V. Tam decision: “Speech that demeans on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender, religion, age, disability, or any other similar ground is hateful; but the proudest boast of our free speech jurisprudence is that we protect the freedom to express “the thought that we hate.” United States v. Schwimmer,

  14. Donny

    Remember your oath! How can you defend the constitution if you support the ones that carry out the orders of corrupt politicians that keep taking more of our rights away? You’re going to have to face a moral decision soon.

  15. Boog Master-flex

    Cops are, and always will be agents of the state who’s purpose is to control the population through fear and coercion. If they can’t control you, they will kidnap you, if you refuse to be kidnapped, they will murder you and get paid vacation time for it.

  16. Lisa Smith

    We support LEO and all first responders 100%. I personally don’t know anyone who does not. I hope this is not correct. Likely losers in mommy’s basement in their underpants with nothing worthy to do

    • Yahshua

      Wow claiming to be a patriot but supporting the very people that trampled over rights on a daily basis lol

    • Constitutionalist

      Maybe you should meet more people with a differing opinion, you might find more of us than you might think are 100% financially independent young professionals , and even share some fundamental beliefs. Also, there is no need to resort to making unfounded assumptions to anyones’ socioeconomic status as an attempt to discredit or shame them just because they dont share the same views on law enforcement as you.

  17. Rhett E Boogie

    It’S hAtE sPeEcH.

    Isn’t that the same argument that the authoritarian left uses to win arguments because they don’t support it personally? You guys sound just like the communists right now

  18. Daniel

    The poll was not simply do you support leo, it was do you TRUST AND SUPPORT leo. If you TRUST leos then you have been living under a rock… I mean sure a few bad apples blah blah blah, if you knew a few apples were poisoned but not which ones would you not be suspicious of ALL the apples and probably throw them all out??? You CAN NOT support our bill of rights AND support the SAME people that would violate those rights… You are either for us or against us, easy as that.

  19. Michelle

    I will always support our brothers and sisters in blue. I know there are some bad apples, but I firmly believe they are the minority of law enforcement, not the majority. Keep doing good things.


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