A week ago, The New York Post published an exclusive exposé purportedly showing Joe Biden’s son Hunter introduced his father to a Ukrainian energy executive. “C’mon Man” Joe has continually denied any knowledge of his son’s business dealings as well as receiving any money from them.

Apparently, the infamous laptop containing damaging emails about the Biden family business dealings also includes a raunchy sex video and child porn.

Per the Washington Examiner, In an interview at the Trump Hotel in Washington, D.C., Tuesday evening, Rudy Giuliani, President Trump’s personal attorney, said Hunter Biden, son of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, engaged for years in potentially criminal sexual behavior, while Biden family members knew about it and tried to stop him.

The Washington Examiner did not see any such photographs and has not confirmed that they exist. Giuliani did not provide evidence of his allegations. The former mayor of New York did, however, show the Washington Examiner sexually explicit photographs on a laptop, which appeared to be of Hunter Biden and various adult women.

“The underage stuff has been given to the police. Let them decide. Let’s see what they’re going to do with it,” Giuliani said, adding, “we went there in person.”

Immediately, basically the entire mainstream media has worked to suppress censor this story, including the tech giants. Facebook announced it was deliberately limiting the exposure of the story. NPR has said it won’t cover the story either, because there are just too many red flags about it.

Well the story won’t go away.

Last night, just minutes before the final presidential debate kicked off, Hunter Biden’s former business partner, Tony Bobulinski, a retired U.S. Navy veteran, held a press conference to announce he would turn over electronic devices and records of business dealings with Hunter Biden to the FBI. The business records contained therein will clearly show Joe Biden’s involvement in business deals involving China. Bobulinsky also said he would meet with Senators about the former business relationship.

To be fair, the timing of all of this is a bit “convenient” but this is the blood sport of politics, after all.

President Trump of course brought up this scandal last night during the debate, which meant the mainstream media is now forced to cover it.

Naturally, they’re immediately working to discredit it.

Politico has already called the story a “sideshow” and proclaimed it has completely fizzled out, after last night’s debate.

Writer Ryan Lizza said, One of the hallmarks of the Trump era has been his penchant for pushing fringe characters peddling dubious stories into the center ring of our political circus.

Whether or not you believe the allegations, or they are ultimately proven false, the notion that only Trump pushes fringe characters into the limelight is a bit rich, coming from the left.

Who was it that made Stormy Daniels and her erstwhile lawyer Michael Avenatti into stars? You might recall some liberal pundits thought Avenatti was so awesome he should run for president – until his felony conviction for attempting to extort millions of dollars from Nike.

How about Christine Blasey Ford, who was trotted out during the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, peddling claims he raped her – even though not a single living person who was supposedly there when it happened could corroborate the story.

And not a character, but definitely a fringe thing…how about the “golden showers dossier” which was a COMPLETE fabrication, and formed the basis for…impeachment??

Holy mackerel.

No wonder NBA ratings were so low this year. This other crap is far more interesting.

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  1. Cherie Price

    The scariest part of this ongoing crap is…let’s say Biden wins -GOD HELP US- and because of his deals and payments from foreign governments and should the MSM decide for once to make all of this crapola public AND…Biden is forced to resign AND Kamala takes over the office of POTUS…OMG, is Kamala 100% responsible for CHOISING HER VP? I need to search our CONSTITUTION and see how these legally plays out. Good God Almighty, if it’s up to Kamala, who would be her VO? AOC (!!!) or worse if there exists a WORST! Hillary? Sanders? Nicky Fucking Mouse? If you’re not scared, maybe it’s time to be. There has to be a climatic ending to the Biden family/campaign and it had better happen DAMNED SOON.

    • Cherie Price

      My sincere apologies for the many typos! We can safely blame spell checker for many of them and my lack of sleep for the rest. READ BETWEEN THE LINES!!!

  2. Sue Boozier

    The pus is the Obama Biden administration is seeping out but we KNOW it will be bandaged up and mischaracterized as benign .The thing is , I believe the campaign needs to allow the Justice Department to work on the Biden scandal and instead focus on the dangers of Kamala Harris because we all know she is going to be the leader of this country should the election go the wrong way . People need to see how truly radical and viscous she is-


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