This letter was submitted to the editor by an employee of Nine Line Apparel. Amidst the turmoil that is rocking our great nation, we wanted to bring you a positive and inspiring message, from our family to yours.


The American Dream

I could tell you that Nine Line Apparel is a product of the American Dream, purely by justifying its existence built on the backs of two of America’s most ambitious, proud, and innovative young men to ever grace the soil of this great land.


It doesn’t hurt that they happen to be officers in the world’s finest military.

Oh!, and they’re brothers… probably should have led with that….

In any case, that’s not what I’m hear to convey. I’m here to tell you about the Nine Line Apparel that you don’t see on a regular basis. IT is the American Dream. WE are the American Dream. Nine Line is the gold standard for a melting pot filled with the most driven and talented individuals of America’s NEXT GREATEST GENERATION.

America’s Next Greatest Generation

WE are the generation that grew up in the 9/11 world, challenged the standard of American professionalism, braved the obstacles presented by a recession and multiple world conflicts.

WE took the ‘New Colossus’ and ran with it. “Give me your tired, your poor” became “Give me your veterans and professional oversights”. WE 10257284_10102074424333891_401520063237687756_nwelcomed the tattooed single parent. WE opened the door to the maturing youth looking for guidance down this crazy path called life. WE put to work college graduates buried in student debt. WE put to work young professionals that make up for their lack of “degree” with a work ethic & intuitive know-how, unparalleled at any Fortune 500 company. We were anxious to add the seasoned Veteran overlooked by everyone else in the private sector. WE ARE NINE LINE APPAREL.

WE have a crew painted in so many colors and creeds, it would make your head spin. WE employ people from every walk of life. WE are a company rooted in welcoming differences not as a challenge, but a complement to the star-spangled voice WE are. WE have young folks, old folks, married folks, dating folks, single folks, and everything in between. WE have it all. WE truly are the voice of a generation. AMERICA’S NEXT GREATEST GENERATION.


That isn’t a catchphrase, it’s a damn fact. WE are the biggest pile of Breakfast Club misfits this country has to offer, and WE kill it. WE win awards and put a killer product out the door because of every strange and strained mind in this great company. It doesn’t matter which side of the fence you sit on, WE ARE NINE LINE APPAREL. WE are the voice of the most battle-hardened generation this country has seen in a great many years, both at home and abroad. The most phenomenal part about all of this entire venture, is that America’s diversity is building something that not only takes care of its immediate family… but nurtures the very icons that defend our right to be loud and proud.

And It’s All Worth It


Some will never understand what the long nights, weekends worked, months clocked, sleep lost, sweat & tears shed, and sacrifices beyond comprehension made in an effort to not only meet but surpass the status quo in “giving back”. They’ll never feel the exhaustion and frustration that went into producing something so much more than apparel. Giving Captain Edward “Flip” Klein the comfort to rest soundly, after the world took that away from him not once but twice. Days spent QC-ing and stamping shirts gave CPL Jessie Fletcher the ability to maneuver his home and live his life. Often people will overlook the stress of production obstacles, the challenges that come with keeping the sheer volume of product on-hand and ready at a moment’s notice to make its trip (literally) anywhere in the world. SSG Chaz Allen’s family have the opportunity to dwell on love and growth in their home, opposed to the challenges they’d face if not for the efforts of art and marketing departments versatile enough to set the bar in this rapid industry. SFC Mark Holbert and his family will forever acknowledge the dedicated service our sales and customer service representatives put into each and every customer. Every time. The world will shine brighter every day with the fulfilling smile from SFC Aaron Causey and his family in their perfect home because of efforts put in from those tired, sweaty nights stitching each and every Drop Line onto our premiere garments.

Our Own Little Melting Pot Here in Savannah

WE are Southerners, Yankees, Trail Blazers, Mid-Westerners, West Coast jockeys. Hell, WE are pioneers with the best and brightest minds in this industry from, again, (literally) all over the world. WE are as different as can be. The world tells us WE should fail and because of that, WE excel. Our patriotism and love of what this great land represents is what binds us together. When one of us hurts, we all hurt. When one of us feels joy, its warmth projects through us all.

Life isn’t easy, and it often isn’t fair. Not only do WE acknowledge this, WE thrive in the face of it. WE ARE AMERICA’S NEXT GREATEST GENERATION. Hell, we’re going to be the gold freakin’ standard for generations to come. Believe that. WE are going to be the household name that families across this great nation use in dinner conversation as THE place to be. THE company that represents the drive, ambition, and power that the American Dream has hungered to display front and center for so long. The model of what American culture and values can achieve with good old-fashioned patriotic grit. So, sit back and enjoy the view as WE continue to innovate and improve the patriotic lifestyle. Rep your colors and raise your voice. WE ARE NINE LINE APPAREL and WE ARE RELENTLESSLY PATRIOTIC.


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