We all hoped 2020 was just an awful outlier year we could get through and move on.

Our friend Michael Koehler felt that way.

Michael is a 12 year Army veteran – an MP officer who served three deployments. Two in Iraq and one in Kosovo in 2001. A TRUE American warrior that has served and sacrificed for our nation and our people.

He’d bought his first family house in March 2020 before the world came crashing down. He had no idea what was in store.

“Back around Thanksgiving I was having some issues with my right lung. I was diagnosed with pleurisy,” Koeher recounts.

A few weeks later, just two days before Christmas, he was now having pain in his right upper abdomen in addition to the lung pain.

Doctors ran a CT scan of his lung and noticed something awry on the very bottom of the scan with on his liver. They ordered a new scan the next day with more contrast.

Koehler was blindsided with the results: Stage 4 colon cancer that had metastasized to the liver.

He called the Duke Cancer Center in NC to get a second opinion. An MRI confirmed the cancer diagnosis — and his worst fears.

On Friday, January 8th, Koehler went in for a liver biopsy and other lab tests so he could start chemo on the following Wednesday, January 13th.

“The labs showed my liver was failing and that chemo would kill me quicker. I had ZERO symptoms. Had plans on starting life insurance on the first of the year. I keep trying to wake myself up from this nightmare where my entire world is crashing down on me.”

Doctors think he may only have three weeks to live.

If there were ever a time to call in a Nine Line, this is it.

In the military, when a medical evacuation (MEDEVAC) is required, a specific format of nine categories (or lines) of information is conveyed. The use of the “9-line” organizational method, particularly in a high stress, quickly changing combat environment, helps ensure those wounded get the assistance they need as quickly, safely, and efficiently as possible.

From the very founding of our company, we’ve wanted to be a “Nine Line” for America, and particularly the men and women who’ve served our nation.

Once again, we are answering the distress call of someone in need, and hope you will help us in this mission.

We’ve created a special clothing design to raise funds for Koehler https://nine.li/KoehlerCancerFundraiser , and raise awareness of colon cancer screening.

In addition, we’re partnering with Redline Steel to create limited edition steel wall art to help support the Koehler family. Redline Steel is veteran-owned, and all products are 100 percent American-made, using 100 percent American-made steel and materials.

Colon cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in men and women in the U.S. Over 50,000 people will die of it this year.

Help us do what we can for Michael Koehler and his family in this urgent time of need.

You can donate directly to the gofundme, Here http://nine.li/KoehlerGoFundMe

6 Responses

  1. RuthAnn Shepler

    Doctors don’t know the Mind of God.I will be passing y’all’s families needs a long to our large Prayer circle. Prayer is powerful and can change situations!God is listening!

  2. Patrick odononva

    Just ordered my wall art, best of luck and never forget 0.01% is still better than zero. Stay safe and never quit. X-army infantry guy.

  3. Becca

    Not to give any false hope but the doctors originally said that chemo would most likely kill my brother because he has advanced cirrhosis of the liver but he is now in remission and getting better everyday. He decided that any chance was better than no chance.

  4. Darrell Langworthy

    My name is Darrell Langworthy US Army Ret. I own a bbq restaurant in Vermont and I am part owner for one in west palm beach Florida. I’m not sure if we could do a charity bbq at one of your locations. to help raise funds. I would be more then willing to cover the cost of the food and staff to do so. Please feel free to email me at darrelllangworthy@gmail.com or call MARK BBQ in VT 802-495-1480

    • Kara Fuller

      Hey Darrell, I live in Ft. Piercec and work at the VA in West Palm. Any time y’all need volunteers, let me know. I’m an Army mama to a retired Army medic. Love my Veterans.


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