Ashli Babbitt had survived four tours with the US Air Force and was a high-level security official throughout her service.

But on Wednesday, she was fatally shot when she was part of a group of pro-Trump protestors who stormed the Capitol building in Washington DC.

According to reports, it was a plainclothes Capitol Police officer who fired the fatal shot, which struck Ashli in the chest.

Ashli was a fervent supporter of Donald Trump and often outspoken about the politicians in her home state of California.

On Twitter, she once posted a passionate commentary about California politicians “refusing to choose America” over their political party.

While driving to work on Nov. 26, 2018, she recorded two videos to discuss the crisis at the US-Mexico border.

“I’m driving right now but I’m like really heated all of a sudden,” the San Diego resident begins, “I am so sick of these politicians in this god damned state, they’re all worried about what Trump is doing. How about we worry about what the hell you’re doing?”

“Maxine Waters, what have you done? You’re talking about, oh this thing at the border, it’s a political ploy that Trump’s done. Where are you? You’re not even here!”

She then included a list of elected officials from the Golden State — former Gov. Jerry Brown, Gov. Gavin Newsom, Rep. Maxine Water, Sen. Kamala Harris and former Rep. Duncan Hunter — saying she was “putting all you on notice.”

“Our economy is going to take an absolute tank because you guys refuse to choose America over your stupid political party,” she said, adding that she grew up in Lakeside in San Diego County.

“You can consider yourself put on notice, me and the American people,” Babbitt continued. “I am so tired of this. I am woke, man. This is absolutely unbelievable. Get your s–t together. Thank you.”

Ashli also tweeted that she would indeed be traveling to Washington DC to join in the rally.

“I will be in DC on the 6th! God bless America and WWG1WGA,” she wrote on Twitter, using a QAnon abbreviation that stands for “where we go one, we go all.”

She also wrote that the California governor had instituted “commie rule.”

She responded to a tweet criticizing Nancy Pelosi’s $600 stimulus check support, writing, “It is a smack to the gut for everyone of us…you think ppl are waking up yet?… THEY DONT GIVE A F*** ABOUT US…all they want is power and money …. we must unite!”

In December, she wrote, “COVID IS A F****** JOKE!” In September, she wrote, “Trump 2020 landslide! Let freedom ring!”

The day before her death, Ashli tweeted, “Nothing will stop us…. they can try and try and try but the storm is here and it is descending upon DC in less than 24 hours….dark to light.”

Sadly, her life was stopped By a bullet fired by a fellow American.

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  1. Rose Whitehall

    Don’t be a domestic terrorist. Having the title as veteran doesn’t give you permission to do what she did. ANY of those people could have, at any moment, been shot. She was just the unlucky one.

    • Kevin

      Until you have put your life on the line shut your mouth. She earned the right to protest and will be remembered

    • Mark

      She was standing there looking thru the glass and the person stuck their arm out of a doorway n shot her. Shelves not pounding on the glass or trying to break the door down, she eas just standing there.
      No reason to shoot someone. The shooters life was not in danger, they wrte behind a secured door and inside another room when they reached out a shot her.

  2. Gary

    Americans are fed up with the bullshit that’s been going on for years!
    Are politicians haven’t had our interests in years. They keep taking from us.
    They give us stimulus checks and quarantine us. They’re slowly taking away are rights, making us dependent on the government.
    Yesterday’s incident at the capitol should be a wake up call to all politicians. Americans will no longer stand by and take what is being given by the government.

  3. Janine Marie

    This “cop” should be held to the same standards as all law enforcement are held to after a shooting. She was unarmed, she was not in front of the door (but off to the side), she was not a large threat. This “cop” should be charged in her death! This was a vet that fought for all of our rights to freedom! We need to protect her now!

    • P Cheez

      100%!! She was not a threat at all. If you were disgusted about Floyd who was a threat, but not about this. YOU ARE WRONG!

    • Jay Tee

      We’re y’all saying this same stuff when innocent black people were being murdered by police? I doubt it. 🙁

    • Fuck you

      The video clearly shows a mb attempting to break through windows and a barricaded door. When she attempted to enter through the breached door, she was shot. Once they entered the building, they were no longer protestors. They were criminals. Such a sad day. And all for what? That cop didnt commit murder, the protestor that hit the combat veteran police officer with a fire extinguisher ultimately causing his death is a murderer. These are the facts.

      • P Cheez

        No, How many are said to be murdered by cops that were not armed and were attacking the cops!! This woman could have been easily subdue by any of those officers that were behind her. Not one tried. He reached out and shot her with zero attempts to subdue her. 100% wrong.

    • rbison

      cops were letting a lot of people down the hallways, into rooms, through the barricades until they decided to stop them in places after it was too late.

    • David Jackson

      Amen, but I bet you she didn’t have a rap sheet that was think as long book and her body was not full of drug’s

  4. Steve

    When an unarmed black man is killed by cops, the MAGA response is always “well he should have listened to the LEOs!!!” Same rule is going to have to apply here – she made the decision to trespass inside the U.S Capitol, and attempt to breach a doom guarded by armed agents (and which may have contained the Vice President). She should have listened to the authorities.

    • Joe

      The DC police were literally right behind her. Couldn’t THEY have pulled her down or stood by the doors instead of hanging out in back allowing people to go past and get shot? There appeared to be no control of the situation, and yet I saw one go guns up only after the shot was fired. And that was towards the secret service agents direction.

    • JerseyPeach

      And like those cops that shot and killed criminals that have been charged so should this officer as there was no threat.

    • Publius

      Generally when one of the high profile police killings that incites the BLM crowd happens it occurs in the context of that person attacking police, usually with a deadly weapon.

    • Michael Batts

      The majority of unprosecuted police involved shootings where ‘a black man’ is killed by police are the result of the perp violating lethal force rules. Although I am uncertain as to the rules of engagement in place at the time of Airman Babbitts killing I can clearly see that she did not represent a deadly threat to the shooter or anyone else in the vicinity. Use of deadly force for breaching a barrier is typically limited to combat operations OR specifically posted locations. Additionally, as has already been noted, law enforcement had a clear presence behind her. At best this was the result of an ill-prepared or inexperienced enforcement officer and a tragic end to an otherwise Patriotic American (by all accounts)…

      • Michael Batts

        And, after reviewing the video again paying particular attention to his shooting mechanics I’m leaning towards ill-prepared. He was rattled…

    • Crystal

      So when is it alright to kill someone for something like? All that should have happened was an arrest in this case not a death sentence.

    • rbison

      That wasn’t the only response…. but I suppose you could cherry pick one to fit your way of thinking.

  5. Chris

    What threat was she to him? Could he have just pushed her back? Ever had firearm training? Did you see his back stop? It was cops and other people. You are a plain idiot for saying that.

    • Gentile

      He was not protecting himself, but the men and women representing the US in the building. This traitor was threatening our leaders. He obviously has weapons training, all he needed was one shot.

      • JerseyPeach

        You should really learn the meaning of a word before you try to use it. A traitor is a person who betrays their country. That is not what these Americans were doing.

      • Joanne


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