Nine Line Grinds for the Daily Grind….

The Merritt Brothers are at it again. With Nine Line Apparel showing no signs of slowing any time soon, the company is continually looking for new ways to support our American Patriots. In a new Nine Line venture, they are teaming up with Savannah Coffee Roasters to bring you Nine Line Grinds, a premium brew inspired by the historic Savannah river ports.
Both Army officers, Maj Daniel and CPT Tyler Merritt, started Nine Line Apparel out of their garage in Savannah, Georgia only a few years ago. Creating a brand that promotes our military, veterans, and other patriotic Americans. They look to continue that tradition with Nine Line Grinds as most of our service members, first responders, and other emergency personnel work around the clock to provide us with freedom and protection.

Another local veteran owned and operated company, Savannah Coffee Roasters was established in 1909 by Edgar R. Morrison. For more than 100 years, Savannah Coffee Roasters have poured art into every cup. The roast for Nine Line Grinds is one of their specially selected, secret blends called Captain’s Choice. The perfect name for a company founded by 2 Army Captains. It’s a balanced mixture of French roast and medium roast. Captain’s choice was voted into America’s Top 10 Best Tasting Coffees.

I had the opportunity to tour Savannah Coffee Roaster’s production facility, as well as receive a private demonstration of their roasting process by Roastmaster Nigel. They use only the finest Arabica beans that arrive to their store in burlap sacks from South America. Upon opening the bags, the first thing that catches your eye is the vivid greenness of the beans. Arabica beans are the finest quality coffee bean available on the market. Grown at altitudes of over 4,000 ft, these beans provide the drinker with a smoother, richer taste to their coffee. Nigel then takes these beans through the roasting process which turns them into the aromatic brown beans most connoisseurs are familiar with. Watching Nigel through the process you can tell he takes great pride in the creating the perfect roast. A process he’s perfected over 30 years and that he says he started learning with only a popcorn popper. After the roasting process, the beans are cooled, ground, and then bagged for the customer.

Nine Line Grinds is going to be the be the kind of coffee that’ll get you ready for a take no prisoners kind of day. Approved by combat experienced veterans to get you charged, roasted right in Savannah and only with the highest quality Arabica beans. The Merritt brothers are laying their mark on the coffee industry with a coffee that’ll set a standard that’ll be hard to match.


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