Saturday May 21st 2016 was supposed to be a day of rain. The rain held off, so we went to the beach to enjoy our day off and spend time with friends. We registered for this race weeks prior and our motivation to do it was waning.
I didn’t really want to or plan to run as we got out of the car, on Hutchinson Island just across the river from downtown Savannah, Georgia. I thought I’d wait instead, for the finish of the race, and I’d bullshit with some other people waiting. The race began and I started to jog out of the gate.

I ended up jogging until I came back across the finish line, roughly 30 minutes later.
The last half mile of the race, the finish line and immediately after was a bit emotional for me.

I’m ready to be done well before the third mile of the race, so in order to motivate myself I find the nearest guy who is slowing down and I encourage him to keep moving, which keeps me moving (similar to how we would support each other on active duty).
The last straight away is where I decided to sprint, and at the same time another guy also kicked it up. We each pushed harder and harder, looking to out-due each other. He nudged ahead of me as we crossed the line. We immediately shook hands and thanked one another (again similar to the friendly support and competition we had on active duty). Then as I slow to a walk beyond the finish line and I look around, I see a man’s face that looks like a guy I was on active duty with. This man in front of me had both of the legs he was born with still, so it wasn’t the guy from active duty.

Oh then I realize I just ran a 5k which I don’t usually enjoy, I wasn’t going to do this race, even as it started, and I did it without any training. A wave of pride washed over me.

I really wanted to thank Nine Line Foundation for this event. I had never been to Hutchinson Island, Georgia. There’s an old race track for cars there. The sun was setting and it was good weather. The rain held off until about 35 minutes after I finished the race. It was a beautiful setting for the race, and it was a positive experience. The event was very organized and well done.

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