If you’ve ever used the word “overkill” to describe something, this is not the gun for you. This awe-inspiring, fully automatic shotgun is the perfect example of the viciousness of American ingenuity. Its patented design allows for reduced recoil, increased firing rate, and accuracy unmatched by other firearms of comparable caliber.

The Atchisson Assault 12 gauge was developed in 1972 by Maxwell Atchisson, who sold the original patent for the gun to Military Police Systems, Inc., in 1987. It was renamed the Auto Assault-12 after many modifications were made to the shotgun following the transfer of ownership, including the addition of a proprietary gas system and recoil spring, which significantly reduces the common recoil of a 12 gauge weapon by an astounding 90%. The reduced recoil, coupled with the light weight of the gun, allow for an extremely high accuracy rate. If you can’t hit your target with this weapon, you have no business handling firearms.


Did we mention that this is a FULLY AUTOMATIC SHOTGUN? The AA-12 is capable of firing up to three hundred 12 gauge rounds per minute. That’s five 12 GAUGE ROUNDS PER SECOND, in case your math isn’t so good. To live up to its full-auto capabilities, the AA-12 can be fed by either an 8 round magazine box or by a 20- or 32- round drum magazine.  Its unique stainless steel composition means that it requires little to no maintenance or lubrication, making it ideal for use in the field.

With the AA-12, there is truly so much room for activities! With the assortment of ammunition types available, including slug, buck shot, and Dragon’s Breath (incendiary ammunition, for those of you completely off the radar), this gun is nothing short of lethal. The shotgun can even be converted into a full-auto grenade launcher with the utilization of the FRAG-12 grenade round. An entire article could be written about the varieties of ammunition that could be loaded into this powerful firearm (and there very well may be in the future, stay tuned!), but that’s a subject for a later date.


FRAG-12 Round


Since its development, the AA-12 continues to be modified and improved. Its lightweight composition, minimal recoil, and high firing capabilities, make it ideal for military and law enforcement use. All in all, this is one badass shotgun that exemplifies American exceptionalism at its finest.



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