The Second Amendment “sanctuary counties” movement has continued to expand in IL as organizers take aim in opposition of new gun laws. It is no accident that Effingham County’s resolution to protect the rights of gun owners stole verbiage from the same people the resolution was intended to provoke. The “sanctuary counties” movement uses the term coined by supporters of the countries “sanctuary cities” movement.

As state legislatures look at more gun-control measures, more and more counties are looking at ways to resist them. The movement began in Effingham County, IL and now includes 64 of the state’s 102 counties. The movement has also spread to counties in three other states and is being considered by counties in nine other states as well. Effingham State Attorney Bryan Kibler expressed that the sentiment driving the movement’s success is that if sanctuary counties for illegals are being created in Chicago, why can’t we just steal their word and make sanctuary counties for firearms?

Effingham County’s 2018 resolution asserted that IL legislation regarding raising the minimum age of gun ownership to 21, outlawing various types of weapons, and outlawing bump stocks or body armor are unconstitutional. As a result, county sheriffs and state’s attorneys have begun to publicly back the cause and stated that they will use their discretion to leave new gun laws unenforced.

Monroe County Sheriff Neal Rohlfing surmises that the movement has spread like wildfire because of the simple fact that police can’t assign personal protection to families. This is why the second amendment is so crucial, so that people can have personal protection for themselves and their families.

2A sanctuary counties as of July 20182A sanctuary county map November 2018


The following maps show the development of new Second Amendment “sanctuary counties” during late 2018 in Illinois. More counties have adopted the movement during the early months of 2019 and the movement has spread throughout most of the state’s counties. (Counties colored green have adopted the movement and are active Second Amendment “sanctuary counties.”)





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