A few years ago, Dawn Hoffman started a film project entitled “9 Line – That Others May Live.” Working directly with the Pararescuemen at Moody AFB, Hoffman created a script that promotes who they are and to show that there are more than just the SEALS and Rangers in the Special Forces arena. Since then, Hoffman has been working with different companies, producers, and actors to get this film made.

“We currently have the USAF support and approval of the script, the support of the That Others May Live – TOML Foundation, the Rescue Riders, and the Pararescue Foundation, not to mention the plethora of PJs and overall Rescue Community,” Hoffman tells Nine Line News. With such a large outpouring of support, it’s just a matter of time before her dream becomes a reality.

It only seemed fitting, then, that Hoffman reach out to Nine Line to see how our organizations might be able to work together on this project.

“Over the past several years the one thing I hear over and over is, ‘Hey, are you apart of Nine Line Apparel?’ I always reply with a sigh and say, ‘No.’”

Not only will her film highlight the lesser known world of the Air Force Pararescuemen, Hoffman will also be donating a portion of the proceeds to the Pararescue Foundation and the That Others May Live Foundation.

“I have always expressed that part of any profit, that would be made by any gear that I decided to do, would go to the Rescue Community. We call ourselves  9 Line because it takes those 9 lines to save our brothers, to risk our lives, to give our all, for our brothers and those in need.”

Nine Line is proud to partner with Hoffman to raise awareness and support for these brave men and women.

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