Let’s try an experiment. Close your eyes. Picture what you see when you think about the War Fighters that fight and die for this country.  How many thousands have died fighting for you, fighting for America, and for our interests around the world?  Do you picture that war fighter as a big and burly man, perhaps bearded, with muscles on top of muscles, carrying automatic weapons and going out in a blaze of glory?  That is what many of us picture when we imagine our combat soldiers. But this is hardly representative of the majority of  those who serve on our front lines.

I wear a bracelet made of stainless steel on my wrist to keep a constant reminder of those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country.  The name on that bracelet does not represent what many people think about when they think of those killed in battle, yet she is and was every bit the War Fighter people need to remember.  On this day 2011 in Afghanistan, SGT Zainah Creamer (a Military Police Warrior and K-9 Handler) was KIA while on patrol.  Her story is one of thousands of great Americans who have bled and died for our country and she deserves to be thought about and remembered for exactly what she was.

She may not be what you picture when you close your eyes and say your prayers for the American War Fighter fighting overseas, yet SHE was exactly that.  I wanted to take a minute and remember her and the thousands like here who risked everything, and eventually paid the ultimate sacrifice for our Country.  I, Danny Merritt, and everyone here at Nine Line Apparel SALUTE her, we thank her, we remember her with pride and the many like her.

We ask that all who read this take a minute and remember all War Fighters who have paid the ultimate sacrifice.  We ask that you give your kids an extra squeeze tonight, we ask that you enjoy your day a little bit more, and enjoy the safety and security you feel today because she and others like her, were willing to die in a distant land for YOU.

Thanks for your time.  I hope this put your day into perspective.



MAJ Daniel Merritt,  US Army

President and Co-Founder, Nine Line Apparel