The Pentagon is indicating that a chemical weapon has been used in an attack using indirect fire on a US airbase in Northern Iraq on Tuesday. Fortunately, no one was harmed.


What Happened?

On Tuesday, ordinance fell on Qayyarah Airfield West, just south of Mosul — the ISIS stronghold that coalition forces are planning to retake very soon. A team of US forces went to investigate the impact area and initial tests came back positive for a powdered mustard agent, likely placed in a mortar, rocket, or other unguided munitions. As mentioned before, no one was hurt, but this has set an uncomfortable precedent for future actions.


What Does It Mean?

Honestly, it seems more positive than not — not positive that it’s a chemical weapon, but positive as a show of incompetency, desperation and fear on the part of the Islamic State. The airfield in question was retaken by coalition forces in July of this year, and as such it will play a major role in retaking Mosul itself.


What is ISIS Doing in Mosul?

Mosul is ISIS’s capital in Iraq right now, and has been since they took it from the Iraqi Army and Police in 2014. There has been a slew of coalition airstrikes there that have seriously helped the effort to mitigate ISIS’s strength. In fact, one airstrike killed the ISIS governor of Mosul in March of this year. Ultimately, they are trying to make a stand and they’re dying quite often, but not before they had destroyed several cultural artifacts and wonders of the ancient world — of various different cultures and religions from the area.


So What Now?

Basically, ISIS is preparing to get torn to pieces. Coalition forces have been dropping warheads on foreheads like it’s nobody’s business. They’ve been massing in the area and ISIS is terrified. They’ve been producing chemical weapons — or trying to, at least — in an attempt to warn off the forces that signal their impending doom.

Earlier, I mentioned that this most recent strike was a demonstration of their incompetency, desperation and fear. This is because General Dunford, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, noted that ISIS only had rudimentary capability to make and employ the hazardous material. He said it “wasn’t particularly effective,” although it is a “concerning development.”

They aren’t competent enough to make and use chemical weapons and this signals a sort of act of desperation. They are very afraid — as they should be.

So if you’re looking for your way to personally give ISIS the finger, make sure and check this out. But hurry — they’ll be dead and gone before long…