We love our country. We love serving, and we love those who have served.

Nine Line and Black Rifle Coffee are two companies cut from the same cloth; brewed from the same pot. Both founded by veterans. Both committed to giving back.

Last Saturday we opened our second store together and immediately gave back to our community, with a $10,000 donation to the Night Stalkers Foundation.

We feel a special connection to the Night Stalker and Special Ops community. Mat Best, one of the co-founders of Black Rifle, was an Army Ranger, and Tyler Merritt, Nine Line founder and CEO was himself a Night Stalker and member of the 160th SOAR (Airborne).

The regiment was officially activated as the 160th in 1990 and has been continuously deployed around the world ever since, supporting special operations ground forces wherever they may be. The Night Stalkers and those they support have conducted over 7,000 days of continuous combat operations.

The Night Stalker Foundation helps families cope with the uncertainty and stress of these deployments, and supports the families of the fallen.

From the very founding of our company, we’ve wanted to be a “Nine Line” for America, and for those who serve her.

In the military, when a medical evacuation (MEDEVAC) is required, a specific format of nine categories (or lines) of information is conveyed. The use of the “9-line” organizational method, particularly in a high stress, quickly changing combat environment, helps ensure those wounded get the assistance they need as quickly, safely and efficiently as possible.

From the get go, Tyler set out to create a brand that would honor the sacrifices made daily by the men and women in uniform, whether they wear the uniform of police, firefighters or warfighters, and inspire every American to be a patriot.

We want to make sure those who have served this nation know they always have a voice and a lifeline in their hour of need.

Tyler says, “We are a voice for first responders and warfighters who are sometimes forgotten by the mass media.”

Particularly in this new world of cancel culture, we find it particularly important to stand up for those who have stood to serve.

“In the end we may piss some people off, but in the end, we don’t mind.”