This year, 2020, has so far been the most challenging year for Americans in recent history.

Storms and wildfires are natural occurrences, but it’s unusual to be having them all at the same time, on top of outbreaks of violent protest, on top of a deadly pandemic, on top of the isolation and hardship of an economic shutdown.

Now, more than ever, this nation needs a “Nine Line.”

In the military, when a medical evacuation (MEDEVAC) is required, a specific format of nine categories (or lines) of information is conveyed. The use of the “9-line” organizational method, particularly in a high stress, quickly changing combat environment, helps ensure those wounded get the assistance they need as quickly, safely and efficiently as possible.

From the very founding of our company, we’ve wanted to be a “Nine Line” for America, and for those who serve her.

Taking care of people in need is why we do what we do.

Just before dawn on March 3rd this year — before the lockdown, before social distancing was a thing— a tornado in Tennessee with winds up to 175 miles per hour ripped through and virtually destroyed Putnam County. At least 18 people were killed, including 5 children under the age of 13.

The non-profit Community Foundation of Tennessee and the all-volunteer Putnam County Rescue Squad leapt into action to assist their fellow Americans.

In turn, we helped them. With our special non-profit “Tennessee Strong” t-shirt design and your generosity, we were able to raise and donate $113,175 to the Community Foundation of Tennessee and the Putnam County Rescue Squad for their relief and rescue efforts.

Now, the veterans at Nine Line are swinging into action to support those who work to keep the peace on our city streets.

On September 12th two sheriff’s deputies were ambushed and shot as they sat in their patrol car. The 24-year-old male deputy has been released from the hospital and will be going to a long-term care facility for recovery. The 31-year-old female deputy remains hospitalized but was expected to survive. She has a six-year-old child.

LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva said, “We’re trying to see if we can transfer them to a place where they can get long-term care, but we obviously have concerns about the COVID and security concerns, so that’s going to be an ongoing issue that we are going to have to address.”

As part of a larger campaign to show our support for America’s law enforcement officers, Nine Line Apparel has launched a ‘Defend the Blue’ t-shirt design to raise money for the deputies and their families.

Day in and day out, law enforcement officers do the thankless work of keeping our streets safe, and putting themselves in harm’s way. As veterans, we know what that’s like and we want to show our support however we can.

We would not be able to do that without your support, and are humbled by the popularity of our limited edition, non-profit designs.

Thank you for being “Tennessee Strong.” Now please help us “Defend the Blue.”