In Greek mythology Nike was the goddess of victory, symbolized as a divine charioteer flying over the battlefield to reward the victors. When it comes to symbolism, is there a more quintessential representation of the American Spirit than the Betsy Ross flag? A symbol of victory and independence, Old Glory represents the birth of our great country as a sovereign nation and the humble roots of the colonies that these 13 stars represent. We find it disgusting that Nike, a company named after the Goddess of victory, would be so easily swayed into a false narrative that an iconic patriotic symbol of America’s independence now somehow holds racial and divisive undertones over 200 years later. 
It is clear that Nike seeks to profit through controversy with absolutely no regard for the consequences.  In its corporatist wake, it leaves behind anti-American sentiment and division that harms our country. But since Nike has no interest in displaying the Betsy Ross flag, a classic symbol of freedom and unity, we proudly will. How far Nike has fallen… It was once an iconic American company. Now Nike can’t even stomach associating itself with one of the greatest moments in our country’s history. A time when individuals of diverse backgrounds put differences aside to fight tyranny and secure liberty. Nike has betrayed those sacrifices and continues to outsource jobs to China. The American people should support the red, white, and blue by boycotting Nike and joining our #NoToNike campaign. Betsy Ross Victory

Nike says ‘just do it.’ We say just stand. Stand for your beliefs and for your country.



 Follow the link to join us in honoring the Betsy Ross Flag. A true symbol of victory and independence:









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