Imagine yourself asleep with your family one Saturday evening excited to get up early and surprise your wife and kids with some scrambled eggs and burnt toast, then that phone rings. Not your house or cell phone, the other one that is given to men like Eddie Gallagher. When it rings you grab your “go bag” and meet in the hanger. Not many words are spoken, as black helicopters load into the back of a C-17, heading out to some war torn, lawless corner of the globe to do bad things to bad people. 

Eddie Gallagher and his familyNow let’s break that down, you’re a father, a husband, but at that moment, and until the day you potentially come home, you are a warfighter. Members of the special operations community are routinely asked to go above and beyond what most Americans could not fathom on a daily basis. No soldier enjoys being dropped into a war zone and as someone who has been in war zones, I will be the first to say that it scares the crap out of any sane human being. Still, one of the things that kept me focused and alive was knowing that my brothers in arms had my six. To that point, how can we hope to retain or recruit a SEAL when we so easily turn our back on our brother in his hour of need? Today I hope to show that same support and I ask you to lend me your ear to explain what is happening to one of my brothers…

Special Operations Chief Eddie Gallagher is a hero. Full stop. His bravery led to the the defeat of the so-called Caliphate in Iraq and Syria, which is why this unfounded assault on his character is all the more appalling. The facts show there is no evidence supporting claims Eddie committed murder, as NCIS claims, but there does exist substantial evidence that the Navy and its investigators conspired to shape a false narrative by selectively releasing circumstantial and unverified testimony to a New York Times reporter. With that as a launching off point, the uninformed, politically charged “idiots” of the world came streaming in to provide their expert opinions. 

The most recent, and somewhat comical favorite of mine is that of Former Secretary of State and two time failed Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. To add insult to injury, the woman known for abandoning our nation’s finest in Benghazi declared the idea of President Donald Trump pardoning Eddie as “grotesque.” 

Others have stated the military justice system should run its course prior to a pardon. I would say this is ill advised. Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) officials prosecuting this case recently admitted to spying on defense counsel’s computer, withholding exculpatory evidence, and are actively coercing the only “witness” into sticking with a false testimony under threat of prosecuting him for now refusing to testify. In any other court system outside the outdated UCMJ legal structure, Eddie’s case would have been thrown out due to prosecutorial misconduct. Yet the media and everyone in the Killery band wagon wants to voice their disgust for the potential act of pardoning this American hero. 

Eddie Gallagher - Father, Husband, and Warfighter

Shame on you Hillary, you left my brothers to die in Benghazi, when people like Eddie would have gladly answered their calls for help. Members of the military are not political pawns, we are not disposable and we are extremely grateful for the fact you are not our Commander-in-Chief. It is unfortunate you ever held the position of Secretary of State prior to that and we appreciate the leadership and moral fortitude of current elected officials for fixing your past mistakes. This case is becoming an embarrassment for the Navy as more facts come to light. We hope the President steps in to end it before it becomes an even greater embarrassment for the Navy that Eddie served honorably. 

The notion of “got your six” is more than just a saying. As a warfighter, you notice when President Trump “unleashed” our military men like Eddie to get to work.  Despite false narratives published in the New York Times, Eddie fought with honor. As Eddie fought for us, we will fight for him.

Chief Gallagher, we got your six.


For all those who would like to learn more about how you can help support Eddie and his family, please go to or text FreeEddie to 619-332-3342 to donate. 


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