Roger Waters, co-founder of Pink Floyd, said he was offered a “huge, huge amount of money” by Facebook to use his classic 1979 song, “Another Brick in the Wall” for an upcoming Instagram advertisement.

Waters, 77, didn’t have to spend too much time thinking about the offer.

Waters told the press at a recent pro-Julian Assange event his answer was F*ck You. No f*ckin’ way.’”

“I only mention that because this is an insidious movement of them to take over absolutely everything,” he continued. “I will not be a party to this bullshit, [Mark] Zuckerberg.”

During the event, Waters read from the letter he said he received from Facebook. “We want to thank you for considering this project,” he read. “We feel that the core sentiment of this song is still so prevalent and so necessary today, which speaks to how timeless the work is.”

“And yet, they want to use it to make Facebook and Instagram more powerful than it already is,” he replied, “so that it can continue to censor all of us in this room and prevent this story about Julian Assange getting out into the general public so the general public can go, ‘What? No. No More.’”

Waters continued bashing Zuckerberg by referencing “FaceMash,” the pre-Facebook website that Zuckerberg created at Harvard in 2003 to rate the appearance of female classmates.

“How did this little prick who started out as ‘She’s pretty, we’ll give her a four out of five, she’s ugly, we’ll give her a four out of five,’ how did we give him any power?” Waters asked. “And yet here he is, one of the most powerful idiots in the world.”

Barstool Sports pointed out that Waters has authorized Pink Floyd music for ads in the past. This 1973 Dole banana commercial is a classic (that probably couldn’t get made today, but that’s a different story).

Waters co-founded Pink Floyd in 1965 as the bassist, but three years later also became their lyricist and co-lead vocalist.

In July, 1990, Waters staged one of the largest rock concerts in history, The Wall – Live in Berlin, attended by an estimated 450,000 people. The concert was staged to commemorate the fall of the Berlin Wall eight months earlier, in November, 1989.

As a member of Pink Floyd, Waters was inducted into the US Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1996 and the UK Music Hall of Fame in 2005.

And we hope he continues to rock on.