Eddie Gallagher tell-all, The Man in the Arena, expecting release by end of the year
NOVEMBER 23, 2020—The long-anticipated expose from Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher and his
wife Andrea, which has already sold thousands of pre-order bundles since going on sale in
October, is still awaiting approval from the Department of Defense for publication.
The process is expected to take at least another month, but the book’s publisher, Ballast
Books, says there is no risk of the DoD not allowing the book to be published.
“Anyone who held a security clearance with the United States government is expected to
undergo this review process,” CEO Andy Symonds said. “Many do not, but it was important to
the Gallaghers—and us—that the manuscript be properly vetted before release. The people
clamoring for this story understand that, and the pre-order demand has been higher than
Books by other retired SEALs and special operations forces have had things like unit
names and locations redacted, even when publicized in other works. But the DoD does not have
the authority to deny a book’s publication.
“It’s a process that we knew we would have to undergo,” said Chief Gallagher. “We’re
all-too aware of the target on our backs, so it was imperative that we do this the right way.  I can
assure you no classified information is revealed in the book.”
What is revealed, Chief Gallagher confirmed, are the details about how a group of junior
SEALs under his command conspired to create false charges of war crimes against him,
including the supposed stabbing of an ISIS prisoner in Iraq.
“The truth about what happened in Iraq has never been told before,” Chief Gallagher
said. “We don’t hold anything back in the book, providing each and every detail about how this
whole thing happened. The accusers, the prosecution, and the media have all had their say. Now
we get ours.”
Since being found not guilty on all major charges last year, Chief Gallagher has retired
from the navy and started a foundation with his wife. The Pipe Hitter Foundation is dedicated to
assisting other service members and first responders who find themselves in legal crosshairs just
for doing their jobs.
“Too often, those who put their lives on the line to protect us are being targeted by those
with political agendas. These selfless heroes find themselves stuck in a legal system designed to
break them, and without help it often does. Pipe Hitter Foundation fights the same corruption
that allowed Eddie to be railroaded and almost put away for life,” Mrs. Gallagher said.
As pre-orders continue for the first edition copies of the book that will be signed by both
Chief Gallagher and Mrs. Gallagher and released a month before the general issue, Ballast Books
will make a donation to the Pipe Hitter Foundation for each pre-order. You can order The Man in
the Arena: From Fighting ISIS to Fighting for My Freedom at www.eddiegallagherbook.com