In the military, the actions of our subordinates, even those you have no daily interaction with, become your responsibility.  The term is known as the “Strategic Private.” In this context, it takes just one individual wearing the Starbucks uniform to represent the ideals and norms of the organization.  Recently it has been observed that Starbucks has not been kind and respectful to our fellow first responders, kicking out some members of law enforcement from one of their facilities. Since they have been found to have done something completely unacceptable, Nine Line wants to stand up for those that were mistreated. While the senior leadership within Starbucks vehemently apologized for kicking out 6 members of the Tempe Police department this past 4th of July, we take this opportunity to remind the coffee giant that actions speak louder.

At Nine Line Apparel we pride ourselves in setting the best example.  When we were looking to create a coffee shop within our headquarters, we could think of no better partners than Black Rifle Coffee Company.  Beyond being a fellow veteran of the Special Operations community, Evan Haafer (BRCC CEO) and I spoke of culture and fundamentals.  As a former Special Forces soldier, Evan understood the importance of leading from the front. This is precisely why we decided that upon opening the first official Black Rifle Coffee Company franchise, we would offer free coffee to all first responders in uniform.  

Since opening our doors over a year ago, we held true to this promise and now BRCC has stepped up their game offering to provide bags of coffee to police department around the country for every bag of coffee purchased through July 12th.  This is the reason we decided to partner with BRCC, because they understand the importance of taking action.  We are calling out to Starbucks that if they truly cared about setting the right culture within their organization, to think about doing something similar to BRCC.  Instead of empty apologies that are mere words, take action to ensure this type of treatment never occurs.  Until then, we will gladly offer your patrons an option to drink what we consider a superior cup of Joe!


Nine Line Apparel and Black Rifle Coffee Company

In 2018 we raised over $400k for military and first responders and this year we a setting a pace to make over $500k in charitable donation.


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