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While self-isolation and “social distancing” are currently recommended but not required during this coronavirus crisis, a sense of humor should be mandated – however dark.

No one knows more about keeping a dark sense of humor in the midst of a bad situation than the U.S. military, and it was on full display this week.

This past weekend, the 1st Armored Division tweeted a photo of a 155 mm gun of an M109A6 Paladin self-propelled howitzer with the name “Coronavirus.”

The tweet says:

“We’re taking preventative measures in the field as we continue to train and protect the safety of our Soldiers and Leaders.

As a force we must stay alert as we train to be lethal in combat.”

Amurica! F*ck yeah!

Speaking of “lethality,” the statistics on the spread of coronavirus cases and deaths seem to be changing hourly, so no one really knows what the true state is.

BUT! The Wall Street Journal reports, For many younger and middle-aged people with no underlying health conditions, Covid-19 leads to few or only minor symptoms. Older people have far higher death rates from the disease. One large study in China found a mortality rate of 14.8% in people ages 80 and older, and 8% in people ages 70 to 79, but just a 2.3% mortality rate overall in the population studied.

However, the U.S. could be at the most dangerous point of the “curve.” Depending on how the cases multiply in this country in the next few days will demonstrate whether we’re following the trajectory of Italy or Japan (as of March 18).

At this link, you can check for your individual state. A lot of U.S. states are looking like New York right now, unfortunately.

This could be the one moment when we celebrate global warming. A new study says “High temperature and high relative humidity significantly reduce the transmission of COVID-19.” An increase of just one degree Celsius and 1% relative humidity increase substantially lower the virus’s transmission, according to the data analyzed by the researchers.”

Which is why many pundits predict the virus will die out in the summer months — as is often the case with seasonal colds and flu. So until then, we cross our fingers and wash our hands.


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